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“Every morsel is a story of tradition – a window into the rich heritage of Israeli cuisine, shared over laughter and memories.”

Savor a symphony of flavors and artistry with every bite at the dining rooms of David’s Harp Hotels. We invite you to embark on a unique culinary adventure crafted by our talented chefs. Each dish interweaves ingredients into a melody of tastes that celebrate the bounty of the Holy Land.

The menu at David’s Harp Galilee and Ramada Netanya imparts the spirit of Israel through nourishing, palette-pleasing dishes. With views as spectacular as the food, the dining rooms make every meal a feast for the senses. Discover how each recipe tells a story through bursts of color, texture, and aroma.

Let us pamper you with exciting dishes that embrace local flavors. Our magical creations will make your heart sing. 

We promise a getaway filled with the rich tastes, scents, and visions of this wondrous country. 

Come taste our exquisite cuisine … perfected over millennia … crafted just for you.