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Host a local or international conference in the Galilee!

We offer many options to suit your exact needs


Host local gatherings or global summits with ease. Our elegant spaces and state-of-the-art tech bridge the distance, bringing your vision to life. Our sophisticated event spaces feature cutting-edge audiovisual systems and acoustically designed layouts to optimize viewing and listening experiences.

Elegant decor coupled with sweeping vistas from floor-to-ceiling windows creates a naturally beautiful backdrop that elevates any occasion.

With world-class amenities tailored to your needs, you can produce unique and memorable events for your guests, whether hosting locally or internationally.

A larger-than-life outdoor experience in the Victory Ampitheatre:

During your stay, you can organize a breathtaking experience at the one-of-a-kind amphitheater in the area. 

Produce an event in the open spaces overlooking the blue water of The Sea of Galilee surrounded by pastoral mountainous landscape.

Agam – Welcome to the stylish conference hall, which is fully equipped with innovative technology that enables real-time international exposure.

Choose between an entire hall or one divided into 2, including an acoustic partition, a reception lobby and registration counters.

Agam – entire hall – 480 sq.m.

  • Theater-style – 475 guests
  • Banquet-style without a dance floor – 300 guests
  • Banquet-style with a dance floor – 250 guests 

Agam A Event Hall – 225 sq.m. 

  • Theater-style – 200 guests 
  • Theater-style – 150 guests
  • Round tables – 100 guests

Agam B Event Hall – 245 sq.m. 

  • Theater-style – 200 guests 
  • Theater-style – 150 guests
  • Round tables – 100 guests

Lobby – 170 sq.m. 


Meeting rooms – stylish, quiet,  meeting rooms fully equipped with the most advanced technology in the world. 

Kedumim Meeting Room – 15.2 sq.m. 

Suitable for up to 15 guests 

Devora Meeting Room/Private Events – 52 sq.m.

  • Theater – 60 guests 
  • Classroom – 20 guests 
  • Round tables – 40 guests 

Arbel, Osher, Tabor meeting rooms:

Arbel – 87.5 sq.m. meeting room

  • Theater-style – 110 guests 
  • Theater-style – 60 guests
  • Round tables – 64 guests

Osher – 51 sq.m. meeting room

  • Theater-style – 60 guests 
  • Theater-style – 20 guests
  • Round tables – 40 guests

Tabor – 95 sq.m. meeting room

  • Theater-style – 85 guests 
  • Theater-style – 40 guests
  • Round tables – 64 guests

Where every visitor feels like royalty. 

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